Monday, December 1, 2014

Why You Need Social Justice and Sustainable Living

Everyone wants pretty much the same things in life. Most of us want to feel safe, with food on the table and a secure, pleasant home. We want love and we want happiness and we want freedom.

How do we achieve such things for everyone? The population of the world is increasing and the resources are finite. Can we create a system which delivers the basics of a good life to all or do we settle for a some have and some don’t model?
In fact we have no choice. As soon as some have and some don’t you have a recipe for instability. The don’t haves will want to be the haves and the haves will be desperate not to become the don’t haves. Feeling safe and secure will go out of the window.

We have to create a world which aims to offer everyone decent food, clean water, clean air and housing as well as the freedom to be creative, to learn, to follow their interests and talents. With the right approach, the birth rate will fall automatically. With invention and will we can live sustainably on this planet.

We may not achieve this goal 100% but it is nonetheless what we need to be striving for. There may be various solutions available but if this is not the basic goal then it is unlikely it will create the answer. The model of trickle down free market capitalism has failed; the model of totalitarian communism has also failed. The model of sustainable living and social justice has not yet been tried.

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